The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & External Trade, Mr Collin Beck, has reminded workers flying to Australia today under the Seasonal Work Program (SWP) and the Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) to be good ambassadors for the country.

While congratulating workers that had been selected Mr. Beck reminded workers of the zero tolerance on alcohol consumption, the consequences of absconding and the importance of Labour Mobility Unit’s "Here to Work" values.

“I strongly advise all workers to refrain from consuming alcohol and encourage you all to be good ambassadors of your country.

“Please be reminded that you are there to work whilst at the same time you are also promoting Solomon Islands under the Here to Work brand.

“Make good use of this opportunity to earn and save money and help your families when you return home,” Permanent Secretary Beck said.

He said that the Pacific Labour Scheme and Seasonal Worker Program in Australia is aimed at creating employment opportunities and generating income for unemployed people, building people to people links and opportunities to develop new and innovative business opportunities between the two countries.

“You are ambassadors for the country and anything you do will reflect back on the country, absconding workers will not be tolerated and there are significant consequences from such actions.

“If you have any intentions of leaving your designated place of work to work in another location then you will be breaching your visa conditions and you will be working illegally in Australia.

“The Ministry through the LMU does not tolerate absconders and those who have absconded or overstayed and are working illegally in Australia will be permanently blacklisted from the labour mobility programs upon return to Solomon Islands,” Mr. Beck said.

The Australian High Commission representative who attended the pre-departure briefing also re-emphasized the key messages shared by PS Beck and strongly encouraged workers to use the opportunity wisely to earn money and achieve their goals.

The labour mobility program has benefited many families over the past years. Both SIG and the Australian government are committed to continuously support this program in the future.

Source: With MFAET Media Release