There is growing misinformation spread on social media that the COVID-19 vaccine is in fact a disguise for one to receive the mark of the beast, 666.

Those that ‘preach’ this say a microchip, small enough to be administered through a syringe, is being implanted under the skin under the guise of COVID-19 vaccination. The implanted microchip is said to contain the mark of the beast and it can be used to track a person and may also contain essential information about him or her.

Such misinformation is reaching a sizeable segment of the local population, spurred on by social media. Christian ministries and Christian influencers Worldwide with large online followings — on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube — are making false claims that the vaccines contain fetal tissue or microchips, construing associations between vaccine ingredients and the devil.

Secretary to the Prime Minister, Dr. Jimmy Rodgers, has had to issue an official statement to clarify such misinformation. In a recent media conference via Zoom Dr Rodgers assures the public that the COVID-19 vaccines are not the ‘mark of the beast’ or 6-6-6.

He says information that the vaccines are the mark of the beast which will be used to verify and locate a person’s identity is not true. He says COVID-19 vaccines are similar to other vaccines that were used for measles, tuberculosis and polio.

A local religious leader says that it is important for people to understand that in the end times those that receive the mark of the beast will do so with the full knowledge that it is the mark of the beast of the Antichrist.

He says the scriptures makes it clear that everyone will know clearly that he or she is receiving the mark of the beast, so it would not be hidden in vaccines. So the claims are not only false but misleading.