Prime Minster Manasseh Sogavare is pleading to those eighteen years and above to get vaccinated and protect those that cannot get vaccinated.

He says the government is targeting to vaccinate 415,500 people – this is based on the recent census for those people eighteen years and above.

Sogavare says that what this means is 829,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccines will need to be administered to the eligible public.

“So far only 35,617 doses have been administered in Honiara, Guadalcanal, Western and Malaita outer Islands. This is only 4.2% of the target population.

“Only 2 people out of 100 are protected, and 98 out of 100 are not protected. This is the group that will be responsible for spreading the virus if it reaches our community,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said there is a limit to what the government can do – it can only contain the virus, secure adequate doses and keep the economy running – but people who can get vaccinated must make it their personal responsibility to do so.

“In order for us to protect our youths and children those above eighteen must get vaccinated. Those that cannot get vaccinated rely on those of us who can get vaccinated, I urge all of you to take the COVID-19 vaccination seriously,” the Prime Minister said.

He says the vaccination strategy has been expanded, and new vaccination centres have been opened. He urges the eligible public to go to these locations and get their vaccination.