The Health and Medical Services Committee has embarked on a 10 day visit to COVID - 19 quarantine sites in the Western and Choiseul Provinces.

The Committee had began oversight work into COVID-19 quarantine sites in October 2020 with focus on the standard of the country’s COVID-19 quarantine facilities against WHO standard IPC requirements.

Several sites have been recommended by the Quarantine Camp management team for the Committee to inspect these include:
1. Tuha, Shortland,
2. Taro, Choiseul
3. Gizo quarantine sites,
4. Helena Goldie Hospital, and
5. Noro.

The site visits will be complemented by roundtable discussions with key health officials at all quarantine sites. Public forums are also scheduled with local community leaders.

The Health and Medical Services Committee consist of the following Members of Parliament.
1. Hon. Charles Sigoto, (Chair)
2. Hon. Dr. Tautai Angikimua Kaituú,
3. Hon. Augustine Auga Maeue,
4. Hon. Chachabule Amoi,
5. Hon. Lily Maefai, and
6. Hon. Peter Kenilorea Jnr

The site visits will take place from the 29th June to 9 July, with the aim to report back to Parliament at the conclusion of the site visits.

The National Parliament thanks the UNDP Pacific Parliamentary Effectiveness Initiative (PPEI) and Strengthening Legislature in the Pacific (SIPL) projects – which are funded by the New Zealand and Japan Governments, for enabling the Committee to carry out its oversight work.


Source: Press Release, National Parliament of Solomon Islands