The Sogavare-led government has been defeated in a no confidence motion ending weeks of what has been described as a political crisis.

Amidst high security, both in Parliament and in downtown Honiara, the motion of no confidence was today tabled by a former Minister of the Sogavare-led government, Dr. Derick Sikua. Dr. Sikua is one of the five Ministers that defected to the Opposition almost four weeks ago.

After much debate, the motion was then put to a vote, 25 voted in favor of the motion and 22 voted against, one Government Minister abstained. Manasseh Sogavare was gracious in defeat stating that he holds no grudges against those that deserted him. In a show of good faith, Manasseh Sogavare crossed the floor of Parliament and shook hands with his former cabinet Ministers.

Manasseh Sogavare becomes the first Prime Minister in the political history of Solomon Islands since independence in 1978 to be voted out in a no confidence motion.

It is expected that the Parliament will meet early next week to elect a new Prime Minister.