The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) deployment of 6 cubic meters of medical supplies to Temotu Province on board the police patrol boat have arrived in Temotu.

After a number of failed attempts with commercial shipping services, health had managed to sort assistance from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) to deploy the consignment of medical supplies with patrol boat, Gizo, to Temotu.

The patrol boat travelled to Temotu to escort the Prime Minister and government delegation who will be travelling to Tikopia and Anuta after the 2nd Appointed Day celebration in Lata, the provincial capital.

With the last shipment of medical supplies in February this year, MHMS had been aware of the need to quickly replenish the stock as even the basics medical supplies such as Paracetamol, amoxicillin, malaria tablets were also running out of stock.

Accompanying the consignment of medical supplies to Temotu was MHMS Deputy Secretary Health Care, Dr Gregory Jilini, Health Systems, Role Delineation Policy Officer Mr Cavanagh Tanabose and Nurse Manager in Charge of Tikopia and Anuta health Jenny Kapei.

The team upon arrival had completed offloading of the supplies to Lata hospital where they will be sorted for distribution to health facilities across the province. 0.3 cubic meters of the supplies will be delivered to Tukutaunga in Tikopia.

Health team will also accompany the Prime Minister’s Office delegation to Tikopia and Anuta to conduct supervisory visit on the implementation of the Ministry’s Role Delineation Policy (Policy that defines the levels of services, the packages of care that are to be provided at each level of health services in the country) and support outpatient services in Tikopia and Anuta.

Permanent Secretary Health Mrs Pauline McNeil said that maintaining health services especially with replenishment of medical drugs and other consumables including supervisory visits such as this to remote and rural areas of the country remains a challenge.

“Therefore health is very pleased with the support rendered by the Police in its mission to Temotu Province for the deployment of the medical supplies and the opportunity for supervisory visit on the implementation of the ministry’s RDP as well as supporting outpatient services. Thank you indeed”, stated Mrs McNeil.


Source: Press Release, Ministry of Health and Medical Services