In a recent radio interview with the ABC, Opposition Leader Fred Fono has accused Manasseh Sogavare of gross interference.

"Mr Sogavare has been interfering with various independent institutions, in fact nothing is independent these days under his leadership" Mr Fono said. "Any public officer should first clear their name, even before the public service makes the appointment". Fono said that it does not appear to be the case today.

Mr Fono went on to say that various independent institutions are also interfered with. "The judiciary and the public service commission is also being tampered with"

In the same interview Australian Foreign Minister stressed that there is only one reason why Australia wants Moti. "The only issue for us with Moti is that we want him back in Australia for child sex charges, something we take very seriously"

Meanwhile Manasseh Sogavare has stated in a PNG newspaper that Moti is an ideal candidate for the job. "There are at least two hundred Solomon Islanders detained illegally by RAMSI and Moti has the necessary skills to do something about it"