The Honiara City Mayor, Alfred Maetia, and Honiara City Councilors held a meeting to discuss issues for the new year 2008.

Among issues raised in the meeting was the proposed adoption of a 'minimum rate' for property.

"... the property rating regime for 2008 has been substantially overhauled, and new material supplied by the Commissioner of Lands," the Revenue Adviser, John Leigh, informed the meeting.

He revealed that there are still a substantial number of properties "for which we do not have incomplete information", a problem which "should mostly be overcome during 2008".

Mr. Leigh also highlighted on exemption from basic rate due to payment of property rate.

"... all citizens, other than full-time students, above 18 years of age were expected to contribute to the revenue of Honiara, given that they all received services in return," he explained.

A city councilor, Jimmy Tovoa, expressed satisfaction on issues covered in the meeting.

"With the end year review, the meeting has been directed on what to do and what not to do, which re-guides the review on what has not been done on a daily basis to meet the city's needs," Mr. Tovoa said.