With Christmas coming up, teachers from the schools run by the City Council are flocking to the Council's education division for their holiday sea fares, with most having to wait.

They mentioned that the problem of them waiting for their sea fares is not at all a new thing for them as it has been an ongoing problem that they face every single time in past years.

A primary school teacher, Samuel Missionary, mentioned that the teachers are waiting in suspense as, "responsible authorities have not yet notified us our payments since Monday".

"Personally, I think that whoever is the right responsible authority should come to an understanding, should act reasonably, address issues because it is of no use to argue about the situation, and we do not want to see teachers go on strike. This will only victimize children which is not good," Mr. Missionary, from Elia Primary School, said.

He mentioned that for the past couple of years, the European Union stepped in to help with the teachers' payments, and last year, 2006, the City Council paid only half of their holiday pay and promised to change it back. However, it did not.

"This has forced some teachers to want to go on a really long holiday break which will be affecting children in school."

The head of the education division for the City Council could not be reached for further comments on this issue.