With the Christmas fever taking its toll, Honiara is seeing a huge influx of people flooding into the capital city.

Speaking to a worker from a local vessel, Mr. Kenneth Siu said there is great movement to and from Honiara.

"There's mass movement taking place around the different provinces with people going to their respective island homes for the end year breaks," Mr. Siu told Solomon Times.

He noted that of all the provinces, routes to Western Province is "the most busiest" with people not just going over, but a large number of people also traveling over to the capital city.

Mr. Siu said that people are coming over to Honiara either to visit relatives or do their Christmas shopping.

"Walking around town, you see friends catching up and some meeting after a year of separation, in particular students who lived abroad and in Solomon Islands for their holiday," he observed.

Mr. Siu said as a worker on a vessel, he has noted that all boats traveling out of the capital are constantly "fully packed" which, at some point, leave others stranded as there's no room for more.

When asked on his view of a crowded Honiara, Mr. Siu said it is an advantage for the business houses and shops around town.

"People doing bulk shopping in preparation for end year celebrations are helping to generate income for all businesses in Honiara," he said.

Mr. Siu took the time to urge the general public to refrain from involving in criminal activities.

"While it is good to see Honiara packed, it is also a time when crime rates go up in town," he said.