Solomon Islands' Parliamentary Opposition maintains it has the majority to form a new government.

Opposition Leader, Fred Fono, told journalists in a press conference today that his group has the support of 25 MPs, including the former Prime Minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza.

Mr. Fono said the Opposition group is confident to attend the scheduled Parliament meeting on 13th December 2007.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare's weekend move to change the meeting date to Christmas Eve, 24th December 2007, has been described as "very irresponsible".

Mr. Fono told journalists that the Prime Minister's decisions in the past year and few months have definitely not been in the best interest of the people of Solomon Islands.

The Opposition Leader called on Mr. Sogavare to "humbly step down" as it is clear he does not have the number to remain in power.

Mr. Fono said that it is obvious "a new and responsible government" will be in place at the Parliament meet.

"If Parliament elects a new Prime Minister, the revolution will move according to the Constitution," he told the press conference.

Mr. Fono also touched briefly on the Opposition's motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Sogavare.

In light of the political situation, the Opposition Leader urges the general public to remain calm and allow the leaders to make the decisions.

"I want the general public to remain calm and let the leaders make the decisions," said Mr. Fono.

The Opposition Leader voiced confidence that a new government in place will help resolve problems currently faced in the country.