The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) has today received three (3) sets of centrifuge technology and 358 blood pressure manometer provided by Japan.

Centrifuge technology is very important for use in medical laboratories for the separation of liquid and solid components. For instance, when donating blood and conducting biochemistry tests to detect a range of health issues, the equipment is used to separate water component in the blood from the blood to enable various blood tests to proceed.

Blood pressure manometer, the name says it all, it is used to determine and monitor blood pressure levels to assist medical staff to administer appropriate and timely treatment.

The items provided are the first batch of a number of health consignments to be delivered throughout the year as part of the assistance of the government of Japan through its Solomon Islands Embassy to Solomon Islands under the Economic and Social Development Programme, in view of the ongoing fight against COVID-19 global pandemic.

In handing over the items, Japanese Ambassador to Solomon Islands His Excellency Mr Morimoto Yasuhiro highlighted that the items delivered are part of a SBD$23 million assistance that Japan has committed to supporting various entities within the country’s economic and social sectors.

“We are indeed pleased to commence the roll out of the program with the delivery of the first batch of our support under this programme to health, especially at this time when we are facing the COVID-19 global pandemic”, stated Mr Morimoto.

He added, “we continue to appreciate the wonderful work done by the Ministry of Health as the government’s lead agency in the fight against COVID-19 and hope that these items will be of great help in both COVID-19 response as well as other health services”.

Receiving the items, Health’s Incidence Controller Dr Gregory Jilini thanked the Ambassador for his kind words and expressed sincere appreciation to the government and people of Japan.

“This is not the first, you have always been very supportive towards the health sector and many of our achievements and successes can be attributed to the support that we received from you. As such thank you your excellency Mr Morimoto and staff at the embassy and the government and people of Japan for the support received today”.

Dr Jilini said that these items will be distributed to hospitals and clinic across the country to ensure that medical laboratories and the doctors and nurses stationed in the provinces can also have the capabilities to perform their duties effectively.

The three sets of centrifuge will be delivered to Buala Hospital in Isabel and Kilufi Hospital in Malaita province while the blood pressure manometers will be distributed to health clinics and hospitals across the country including mission hospitals such as Good Samaritan and Helena Goldie hospitals.

Source: MHMS Media Release