It’s a small hair salon, abit cramped when one walks in, but the energy in the room by the young hair stylist makes it very inviting.

Temo Kenaz is a young entrepreneur, he owns the salon, largely self-taught he has grown his little business from scratch.

He did not have much money but what he had was talent, which he developed through online materials and by watching others.

He encourages other young youths to believe in themselves and develop their talents.

“Either you graduate or drop out from school, everyone has his or her own talent. It is a God-given gift that is worth more than anything because you don’t need qualification for it.

“Only thing you need to do is to be smart and try to make use of the talent you have, but in a way where nobody has done before. Start small and develop it, do your best and over time you will be good at it.

“There will be a lot of challenges but if you dedicate yourself you will earn money from working hard. An education is one way to success but if you don’t make it work on your talent,” said a very enthusiastic Temo.

“There are lot of talented youths out there who have the passion to do what they love to do, don’t just wait for others to help you, you need to start right away, help will come when they start noticing your good work.”

Temo said that that there are many free tools on the internet and that is what he has committed his time to – he says most of his hair styling skills is from YouTube.

Temo says from scratch he now owns a small salon in Talise east Honiara, earning 4-5 thousand dollars a month – something he never thought possible when he left school.

“Everybody has some talent that is unique, so just work hard and try to develop your uniqueness”.