The people of North Malaita will soon take delivery of a new dental clinic at the Malu’u area health centre.

Member of Parliament for North Malaita, Senley Levi Filualea told Solomon Times Online the new clinic is expected to be opened in March.

Filualea says the new dental clinic includes proper equipments needed to carry out dental services for the people.

He says the building of a new dental clinic is one of his priority projects since he became an MP in 2019. Following his win in April 2019, Filualea began work on his projects in October. SBD$1 million worth of housing materials was shipped down to his constituency for the purpose of a housing project and the dental clinic project.

“So far the health officer looking after the region has assured me that a dental officer is already assigned for the clinic once it opens its doors”, Filualea says.

He says dental services for the North Malaita region is an important one as people usually only receive these services once the dental team from Kiluúfi makes a visit to the health centre in Maluú.

“If the vehicle breaks down or something should happen, the dental team won’t be able to make a visit too”, Filualea says.

Malu’u is the substation in the northern region of Malaita. It is one of the government’s first substations built during the colonial days. Now it acts as a hub to the more than 35,000 people in the northern region of Malaita that comprises Lau Mbaelelea, Baegu Asifola and the North Malaita Constituency.