A rapid assessment in the country on the impact of the COVID19 global pandemic started early this month is progressing well.

Coordinated by the Tripartite Survey Committee, the exercise is now in the data-cleansing stage. The field collection included travel by enumerators to Auki, and to the Western Province.

The collective effort between the national tripartite representatives for labour matters in the country is achieving its goals to gather information on impacts of COVID19 on employment and on business.

Members of the Tripartite Survey Committee (TSC) noted that with the limited funding available, this rapid assessment is being conducted in select sites, and with funds permitting, to repeat the assessment, at more sites next year.

TSC Chair, the Commissioner of Labour explained that similar projects conducted in the region took abit more time, and were much more spread out.

"For the Solomon Islands we had this funding opportunity from the International Labour Organisation office in Fiji, and we wanted to utilise it to make a rapid scan of the current situation for employment and for business as we come to the end of the year."

"We understand some shortcomings such as limited representation of voices across the country, however it is necessary start, as the situation is very dire right now for our country."

"As a group, we want to collate information on the impacts of measures related to COVID19, on jobs, personal income, and special assistance already implemented in the country like the SINPF assistance. We will then use the RA findings to feed into policy recommendations for government and its partners to consider for progressing."

The TSC has met three times already on the rapid assessment exercise. The final meeting of the oversight body for the rapid assessment will consider a draft report in early January 2021.

To date the findings are reinforcing evidence of COVID19 impact being reported on already by numerous surveys across the country, and the region.

The TSC also commended the efforts of workers and employers who have taken the time to complete the survey questionnaire.

The rapid assessment consists of a survey administered to workers whose employment have been impacted by COVID19 as well as those not impacted adversely. It will also be completed by business or enterprise representatives both formal and informal, and those with state capital.

Source: TSC Press Release