Stages of Change (SOC) held a gathering yesterday to mark the closing of the 16 days of activism at the National Auditorium, the event targeted people with special needs.

Every November, the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign seeks to call attention to the violence women and girls around the world experience on a daily basis.

SOC coordinator, Gloria Konare, said that the show is the first of its kind, which is important to her and the SOC.

“Most times people with disability are left out from such event, that is why the team came up with the program.

"This 16 Days of Activism is a global event against Gender Based Violence, and we need to understand that most people who are really affected by this issue are the people with special needs.

"We believe that people with special needs should be part of such events, an event just for them, to highlight their plight and the importance of their involvement,” the SOC coordinator said.

The Office Manager for People with Disability Solomon Islands (PWDSI) Davis Luabolana says that the event promotes inclusive participation for all, which is important for all stakeholders in the fight against GBV.

People with special needs and their families enjoyed the event, with many family members saying such recognition and involvement is encouraging, given that GBV is an issue that also affects people with special needs.

Stages of Change is a project that aims to use community theatre as a vehicle for reducing violence against women and increasing women's participation in civil society and peace-making in the Solomon Islands.