The Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) has been awarded a funding of more than $SBD 70,000 towards MASI's project to foster media contacts and collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funding is for the ‘Strengthening Capacity of MASI members to foster media contacts amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Solomon Islands’.

The project was funded through USA’s Public Affairs Small Grants Program Fiscal Year 2020 funding opportunity through the U.S. Embassy in Port Moresby.

Chairlady of the MASI Training Sub-Committee, Ms. Gina Maka’a thanked the US Embassy in Port Moresby for accepting the association’s application. She said this funding will continue to strengthen journalists’ capacity to be able to effectively report on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ms. Maka’a said the MASI Training Sub-Committee is now preparing its first activity under this funding for a three-day training scheduled for early December 2020. She says the training sub-committee looks forward to carrying out this activity for its members.

The MASI Training Sub-committee members chaired by Board Member Gina Maka’a are Priestly Habru, Barnabas Manebona and Esther Nuria.

Meanwhile MASI President Ms. Georgina Kekea says the funding is timely as Solomon Islands continued to have confirmed Coronavirus cases.

She described the funding as a way forward for members to enhance their knowledge and skills to report on this pandemic.

She thanked the Training sub-committee for this achievement and encourages members to make most use of the opportunity presented to them.
She says accurate reporting is very much needed, more-so at this point in time.

Source: MASI