The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) National Health Emergency Operation Centre (NHEOC) would like to assure the public that rumours of National Referral Hospital’s (NRH) isolation ward security guards sharing toilets with covid-19 patients is outright false.

“All Covid-19 patients have their own toilets and washrooms within the wards that they are using and are not allowed to use any other sanitation and hygiene facilities at the NRH hospital.

“There are four portable toilets outside the triage (Double storey building facing Lawson Tama Stadium), next to the isolation ward. This is purposely for any surge in the number of Covid-19 suspects brought in for swab collection and while waiting for test results,” the Ministry said in a prepared statement.

The Health Ministry says that triage workers have their own toilets within the triage building and security guards use staff toilet, also within the triage building but separate from the one used by triage workers.

The Health Ministry says it must be made clear that health workers, security guards and the covid-19 patients do not share toilets. Furthermore, isolation doctors and nurses are always manning the isolation wards.

“In all these operations, all health workers are not allowed to use any water, sanitation or hygiene facilities within the wards or any other amenities.

“On this note MHMS wish to remind the public that spreading of rumours at this time can significantly cause unnecessary panic and fear amongst the public, which is detrimental to the stability that is very much needed as health and the government at large, are working to contain and eliminate the virus.

“Furthermore, spreading of rumours during state of emergency is an offense under the current Emergency Powers (COVID-19) (No. 3) Regulation 2020 with a fine of 10,000 SBD and/or 5 years imprisonment,” the statement reads.

Source: MHMS