A Coalition government will constructively address economic recovery, and put in place strong financial management mechanism.

Spokesperson for the Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement' (CNURA) policy, Hon. Edward Huni'ehu, in a press conference, said that a coalition government will ensure a fiscal and a monetary policy framework is put in place.

On the economic recovery and financial management, Mr. Huni'ehu said that a Coalition government recognizes that responsible planning and management of government resources is an important aspect of responsible government.

"We recognize the need to prioritize rural development spending [and] ... will investigate the recent allegations of corruption," Mr. Huni'ehu stated.

He added that CNURA will ensure government budgetary policy is responsible, cost effective and efficient, consistent with the grass root approach, a positive catalyst for economic growth.

The CNURA spokesperson pledged the new government will ensure that the government expenditure for 2008 is properly authorized by Parliament through an appropriate resolution before 31st December 2007.

Mr. Huni'ehu added that the CNURA government will urgently work on the task of producing a budget for 2008 that is reflective of the development priorities of CNURA.

He said they will prioritize the need to provide a social and economic environment that is conductive to private investment and will give special support for the Solomon Island entrepreneurs who have good business track record.

"We want an appropriate body of law to protect private investment, to facilitate efficient resolution of commercial and trade dispute, and to reduce the cost of doing business in Solomon Islands," said Mr. Huni'ehu.