Solomon Islanders studying in Taiwan who have missed the recent flight from Auckland will await the next repatriation flight from Auckland.

Secretary to Prime Minister (SPM) Dr Jimmie Rodgers told Solomon Times Online the students missed the flight on Sunday because their tickets were not issued on time.

“Plan now is to bring them to New Zealand to quarantine there and await the next repatriation flight from New Zealand”, he says.

The students are understood to be held back in Taipei on Sunday following issues with their tickets.

Currently repatriation flights are still suspended.

However, Rodgers told journalists in a press conference that the low risk countries are in the list for repatriation once the suspension is lifted.

“Kiribati, Fiji and other low risk countries are amongst the flights that are ready to be made after the suspension is lifted and once the quarantine stations are available”, Rodgers says.

The government is responsible for all Solomon Islands nationals awaiting repatriation from overseas. The government has also advised that all persons travelling or intending to travel to Solomon Islands must familiarise themselves with travel requirements.

This could be accessed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website: