James Ghaua may be young but he understands that faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

James comes from Ghombua village in east central Guadalcanal, he is 15 years old, and a faithful church goer. He is currently in grade 4 at a community school close to his village.

James returned to his village when the first COVID-19 case was announced, spending time doing what he loves – catching birds out in the wild.

As a Sabbath keeper Saturday is rest day, James faithfully follows his parents to church.

"I was attending church service when the church pastor announced to everyone about the dedication of our newly built church, which requires every families in the village to contribute.

“I know our family had no money to give, but than what came to my mind when I heard the announcement was the many birds in the wild,” an excited James recall.

“So, that week, I made a homemade trap for birds, and I thought to myself what I catch I will sell in Honiara and whatever money I receive I will give as my family contribution.”

He says it was risky, since one needs to set the traps at the top of very tall trees, but he had faith, and knew he was doing something for the church.

His plan worked and although it took him three days, he was able to catch 35 wild parrots. He came to Honiara and sold them for $200 each. He made $7,000 that day.

James said that it felt good knowing that he will be able to contribute on behalf of his family. He said he always had faith even when there was no money.