Leader of Opposition and MP for Aoke Langalanga, Hon. Matthew Wale congratulates the Premier of Malaita Province, Hon. Daniel Suidani, on his success against the no confidence motion tabled against him.

“The victory clearly demonstrates the resounding confidence the majority of MPAs have in Premier Suidani’s leadership and his government’s performance to date, hence should be applauded.”

“Everything else aside, the opportunity to move a motion of no confidence is a democratic process available to test leadership and political support and I am heartened to see the level of respect accorded by the MARA government to allow for the rule of law and due process to take their natural causes,” says the Opposition Leader.

Hon. Wale says he is confident that Premier Suidani was aware of, and will learn from the challenges encountered heading into the motion.

“These are important lessons that can serve as good building blocks for harnessing strong, credible and competent leadership for the province.”

“Thus while congratulating Premier Suidani I also encourage him to now take his leadership to the next level by fostering a governance culture that is rule of law based, transparent and all-embracing than divisive for Malaita Province,” the Opposition Leader adds.

Source: Opposition Press