He says one should never be ashamed of their job. If someone has a job that provides for one’s family than that is all that matters.

Tasaker Meleni is the central market’s janitor, he keeps the toilets clean – often ignored, but works diligently.

“I know people have many questions in their mind when they see me cleaning up the toilets, but that is ok, I enjoy my job,” a soft spoken Tasaker said, quietly mopping up the floor.

“I choose this job because I know people hate this job, to me it’s nothing, I have been working here for two years now.”

Tasaker did not set out to be a janitor, he used to work in the building industry as a builder and plumber. As work slowed, he looked at other options.

“I am married with five kids, so I have to provide for them, and living in Honiara I cannot depend on others, it is difficult if you do not have a job.

"My job is the same as others, I get paid every fortnight, and I use that to support my family, so I am not ashamed.

“I work six days a week doing shifts but most times I work at night, I check and wash each blocks every 20 minutes, but sometimes depends on how busy it is,” Tasaker said.

Tasaker says people might see him as someone with no plans, or ambition, and they ignore him – sometimes not even a hello.

“I have plans for my family, the main one is my kids going to school, and build a proper home for us, and this job is helping us get there.

"I know people will not want to do this job so I can work for the next eight or ten years, so I am happy,” Tasaker said with a smile.

He says being a janitor gave him a different view on people – and one of the main things he observed is that people are always careless when they know someone else will clean up their mess.

“Even if you put up signs, or posters with instructions, it will not change people’s attitude, they are always careless when using the toilet.

“They know someone else will clean up their mess.”