Nationals along with Chinese diplomats, technical advisors, and members of the private sector that came from China two weeks ago have been released yesterday after completing the 14-days quarantine period in good health.

A statement from National Disaster Council said that all persons have undergone three COVID-19 tests in the duration of their stay and have returned negative results.

“These outgoing batch have met all testing and quarantine protocols, and are cleared by Health Authority to leave the stations.”

The NDC statement also thanked the graduating batch for their cooperation during the quarantine period.

On that note, and as with other persons that have been through quarantine, NDC wish to advise the public not to stigmatise persons that have been through quarantine.

“They are clear of the virus and the public shouldn’t be afraid of them.”

NDC also wish to clarify that the Police will deal with the two persons who allegedly breached quarantine protocol two weeks ago. In addition, one of them is still in quarantine, and awaiting further COVID-19 tests.

Source: NDC