Nurturing the relationship with RAMSI has always been a policy objective of the SOCRED Party.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare made the assurance in response to request for confirmation by Member of Parliament of West New Georgia/Vona Vona, Peter Boyers, who had set conditions before accepting to join the government.

Mr. Boyers, who is the new Minister for Finance and Treasury, had requested that Prime Minister consider two conditions before his acceptance to be part of the GCC Government.

The Prime Minister in a written statement gave "firm assurance" that the GCC Government will uphold the issues of maintaining the presence of RAMSI and no arms on policy of the Solomon Islands Police Force.

"... under my leadership, the GCC Government will uphold the existing arrangements with [RAMSI] and the no arms policy of the [SIPF] until such time, as there is a unanimous consensus by the people to amend accordingly," Mr. Sogavare stated.

He stressed that what has been transpiring through the media in no way reflects the priorities and intentions of the GCC Government.

Mr. Sogavare welcomed the return of Mr. Boyers into the GCC Government "... as we look forward to your support in collectively working towards addressing the needs of our people and nation as a whole".