The Solomon Islands Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) have stepped up its game in providing resources for students at this time of COVID-19.

MEHRD is now collating its resources to complement the existing Solomon Islands curriculum.

Intended to complement the existing Solomon Islands textbooks, these resources are also meant for parents to facilitate learning for their children at home.

Undersecretary Teaching and Learning (Ag) in MEHRD, Ms. Linda Wate says these resources will be shared through four different mediums. Radio, television, print and online.

“As part of our response to COVID-19 we are focusing on preparedness”, Wate told the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Wate says since May, her department has prepared more than 50 lessons for their radio program that goes to air through the national radio.

“The other one is to produce lessons for TV. The team is now doing productions with the video production team. The third one is through Online where we have more than 3000 views now. We are currently developing a learning pack for those that we were not able to reach through radio, TV and online”, Ms. Wate says.

The online platform for the digital resources is organized by School Levels followed by Subject and then the Topic area.

Wate says positive comments were made by teachers in terms of the online materials.

“They appreciate the materials that we provided online. The materials are also for teacher support and leadership in schools. Giving them advice during this time of COVID-19”, Wate says.

The aim of this initiative is to provide schools with resources that are in line with the school curriculum.

MEHRD hopes these resources will increase teachers and students access to quality teaching and learning materials.

Digital materials can be accessed via