Staff of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) witnessed the opening of a newly renovated building that will house the Observer Program office.

The renovated building will boost the work of the observers who for sometimes had been using the run-down building as their office.

Speaking during the opening yesterday, Fisheries Minister Hon. Nestor Giro said the renovated building will provide a decent place to work and provide them opportunities for creativity to find solutions for the many challenges faced in their work.

“We have gathered to witness the handover of this newly renovated building namely the Observers Office. This office will serve the observers to execute their compliance work to monitor all fishing operations in our waters and in the broader FFA region,” he said.

The Fisheries Minister stressed that the newly renovated building offers the observers a breath of fresh air and a decent workplace.

“I believe this will provide you opportunities for creativity to find solutions for the many challenges faced in your work.”

Hon Giro said the achievement though small, shows the government’s commitment to the Observer program in Solomon Islands.

“It shows government’s seriousness in valuing the work of our observers in their contribution to the effective management of our fisheries resources.

"Our achievement continues to articulate our Ministry’s vision and that is to provide effective services to facilitate sustainable management and development of our fisheries and aquatic resources for the benefit of the nation,” he said.

The Fisheries Minister also acknowledged the World Bank through the Pacific Regional Oceanscape Programme (PROP) for funding the renovation of the building.

“PROP has been instrumental in availing resources to successfully complete this project and as you can see the building is fully renovated and now ready for occupation after this ceremony. Thank you PROP and World Bank for your continuous support of the Ministry’s work program,” Minister Giro said.

Hon Giro also thanked others who contributed to the project including the officers from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development who have supported the Project Management Division staff and the PROP staff to implement this project.

Renovation work on the building started in May 28, 2020 and it took the contractor nearly 10 weeks to give a facelift to the ones run down building that the observers had been using as their office.

“I am impressed with your workmanship. You and your boys have delivered to us a building that truly reflect your skills and commitments to excellence in the workplace. I on behalf of the Ministry wish you all the best in your future endeavours,” Hon Giro told the contractor.

He urged the Observers who will be using the building to look after it by ensuring it is clean, avoid unnecessary damages or anything that might harm the building physically and themselves.

“You will execute your work from this newly renovated office building. I hope that this new environment will motivate you in your work, enabling you to excel in your work. In this regard, I look forward to hearing more successful stories of your work as you serve as our eyes and ears on the many fishing vessels operating in our waters and in the region. I encourage you to give your work, your absolute best,” the fisheries Minister said.

The renovated building will also house the office of the Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation of Japan (OFCF), of which the in-country representative is Dr Toru Komatsu.

Source: MFMR