Five months into the whole of SIG Response to COVID-19, daily debriefing and observations have confirmed officials gradually experiencing fatigue.

The latest report from NEOC says it must be noted that this is still the "Preparedness Phase” as the country has zero case of COVID-19.

“Enormous Pressure to the NRH Laboratory staff and equipment regarding COVID-19 testing is attributed to the on-going repatriation flights and repeated testings on the Quarantine Stations. It must be noted that at least three tests for each person on Quarantine Stations. With on-going flights, staffs are running the risk of fatigue, whilst equipment is at risk of technical malfunction”, NEOC says.

The total cumulative samples received and tested since repatriation began in May 2020 was 1,981. Since the beginning of August, 315 samples have been tested.

At the same time the level of preparedness in the provinces are said to be very low. The slow disbursement of funds and sector has greatly affected work in the provinces. NEOC says personal, facilities and equipment readiness require urgent intervention by relevant sectors.

“The slow implementation of the completion of the Nusatupe and Noro Lodge Quarantine Stations are two examples”.

With that NEOC says there needs to be an information session on the N-DOC and P-DOC arrangement with all SIG responding agencies.

Coordination remains the major challenge amongst SIG response agencies.

Since May 26th, a total of 829 persons that includes 755 citizens and 74 foreign nationals were brought in by Solomon Airlines on 8 flights.

As of Monday 17th August, as announced by the Prime Minister, around 30 people are in the quarantine centres.

They are scheduled for release on 19th of August once they fulfill their quarantine days and testing protocols with negative test results.