With approval from the government the Solomon Islands national carrier, Solomon Airlines, will be repatriating close to 100 passengers from New Zealand and Australia today.

The flight will depart from Brisbane 1pm today and is expected to arrive in Honiara just after 3pm today local time.

It is understood several foreign nationals are also on that flight. Those close to the flight arrangements say that these foreign nationals had to seek and get approval from the Prime Ministers Office, through the committee set up to deal with returning nationals, before boarding the flight.

Quarantine facilities have been prepared for those nationals returning. Other areas (mainly some hotels) have also been given the same status and will be used by foreign nationals – most of whom are based in Honiara on official duty.

Meanwhile, those nationals that recently returned from Fiji and Vanuatu are still on a 14 day quarantine in various locations in Honiara.

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