Solomon Island plants have a great ability to help keep us well. They have so much richness, pure minerals and vitamins, with countless health giving properties. God gave us land for His plants to keep us fit. He gave out of His love for us. To be healthy is God's wish.

It would be so good to know more about Solomon Island herbs from professional herbalists concerning herbal medicine and its ability to look after us. Will there ever be books printed on this subject?

Interestingly, you have the male paw paw leaf for malaria and I am hearing that ngali nut oil is being recognised over in the USA as being a great healer for arthritis, a crippling disease which I understand is practically unheard of in the Solomons but extremely common in the UK. The wonderful thing about the nagli nut and the paw paw leaf is that they have no side effects and do not make us suffer unecessarily.