It's interesting to notice that the majority of the country are behind the work that RAMSI has been doing and even put before them what needs to be done in years ahead.

This is history for a country that has experienced difficulties and suffering and we're once again living in an environment where people slowly emerge to normal life again.

I for one in one way or the other thank and support the presence of RAMSI and the work they have been committed to do in our country. No one could ever deny that they brought back normalcy, law and order and rescuing the country's economy.

However, in my heart I often say to myself what the future will be if RAMSI leaves our shores tomorrow, will we experience the same life as we do now or is it because of the presence of personnels that makes us act this way.

I say that true peace and justice could prevail only if people truly change from the heart. I believe if RAMSI leaves us tomorrow then I see that we can change, but if not then it's another history we all would not want to know.

Therefore, as leaders we carry a heavy load on our shoulders to proclaim the message of change of heart to our people and work for the common good for all which will help the country to move forward.

It's not the work of our leaders alone but the work that we are all called to partake in order to bring change and rebuild our loving nation.

Takio tumas Ramsi!!