RAMSI has been a real blessing for our nation. The support was highest when it was needed the most. This was the immediate task was to secure order. That was a real blessing to us.

However, situation is improving so I wish to see RAMSI remain but more on a developmental and capacity building role. To build our nation so that we can avoid past experiences. This means I wish to see RAMSI shift the strategy into longterm nation building. To see RAMSI involve in rural development, involve in school developement, training in various sectors. This is to see RAMSI in a long-term development for our nation.

I will prefer RAMSI to remain as yet. Change your (RAMSI) role from Emergency mode (Immediate term) to a Recovery mode (Medium Term) & Capacity Building mode (longterm ). We still need you RAMSI.

Tagio tumas RAMSI!. U helpem mipala tumas.