It is good to have an Ambulance donated by NSW, Australia. I believe such asset will come with equipment for emergency services. How many of how Ambulance Drivers at NO.9 (National Referral Hospital) will manage such equipment?.

Our Medical Emergency Services must be improved just like other parts of our Health delivery system. There is a need for capacity building in our Ambulance Services, as part of our Medical Emergency system. All our Ambulance Drivers must have special Emergency Medicine training. They should be able to do Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and be able to do those on-site emergency procedures that Emergency Services normally provide. They should be able to insert I.V (Intra-venous) cannulae and perform life saving emergency procedures. They should be able to even perform ECG recording and communicate with the Emergency Medicine doctors via UHF radio. This means our intakes for Ambulance Drivers must be Form 6 & 7. We must improve our Emergency Medicine services.

Iumi improvim Service lelebet long Ambulance.