Artificial Islands
I don't usually appear on this opinion page but the interest generated as a result of LANDLESS claim by one of your correspondences pertaining to Lau people, which already sparked interesting opinions is the reason for this short note.
Asserting that the Lau people are landless based on a previous article written by one of the reporters of the ST Online - is by far an unfortunate conclusion and to an extreme - impertinent - to artificial island dwellers of Lau lagoon.
As a Solomon Islander born and lived on an artificial island - it is indeed a unique experience -but I was never landless.
To assert that all Lau people are landless is insolent to say the least.
In that regard, I wish to fully support Foukona's account on the matter, so as some other Solomon Islanders who contributed to the topic.
It's very important that author(s) who intend to scribe articles of such interest and of importance thoroughly carry out research, check for facts, before posting articles for public consumption.
There's a simple rule in journalism that goes like this - if in doubt - leave it.
In closing, all Solomon Islanders are proud of their country and their place of origin. The people of Lau are no exception.
God Bless Solomon Islands!

Robert Iroga