I would like to pick and rebut on the interpretation of the reasons behind building of the artificial islands in Lau, by Detone. Like Daudau had rightly asserted, it is very unwise, ill-informed and poor to say that the people are landless. I do not accept such a unfounded statement from may a scholar. Please do not generalise such situation. If I may continue to say that, the current inhabitants of the artificial islands do have their origins from the mainland. It is for various reasons that pioneers or ancestors of the current occupants left their lands and went to construct these artificial islands. The islands were built in sea areas that were given and rewards for acts of bravery and heroism for few. Others were explorers and left to discover parts of the sea and called it home by building artificial islands. The intriguing skill and knowledge was the traditional practise of construction that had significant scientific principles, which are imitated by others in Dubai to contain may land issues. Present occupants of the artificial islands could still trace their origins and have the land rights to return to their original places. The proof of this, would be the shrines used to offer sacrifices to their ancestral gods.
Thus, it would be more intelligent for Detone to as Daudau stated "elicit" true information before bluffing.