Thanks Sosimolo Aliki for you view point. I am not saying Telekom would be prevented from the market but to allow competition in that industry. Whilst its true that the indegenous solomon islanders have benefited through their membership in the NPF. However, we should not forget that only fewer people are member of the NPF. whilst approximately 70% of our population who lives in the rural areas a not members of the NPF but yet paid for the high cost and ineffient service provided by the so called telekom. But if allowed competition into this industry all stakeholders would be benefited in many ways... like here in fiji four companies are operating here at the morment now customers can even communicate with no cost and mobiles a sold with only fj$10.00 with free sim cards and $100 free talk time. Those in the highlands can sit in their beds and talk to anyone in USA.. This also boast up fiji economy in many ways too like increase fiji GDP and help local farmers to communicate with their market agents in town.. and provide more revenue for fiji interms of Tax and provide employment ans so forth..