I wish to contribute to the debate on artificial islands. I am in support of reasons given by Joe and David and others in their recent articles. As discussed, there is a problem for giving generaliation on reasons for building and living on artificial islands because of its sensitivity and implications. However, we must remind our selves to elicit accurate information before going to the media.

I am more interested in the unique knowledge and skills used in building artificial islands in Lau, Langalanga and anywhere in the Solomon Islands. I would like to comment on its significance to the area of indigenous epistemology that we (Solomon Islanders) should be proud of compared to the rest of the world. This knowledge and skills has been passed on from generations to genrations and were put into practice by applying knwledge and skills in these artificial islands. The knowledge and skills displayed is more important in trying to understand the issue further.

We should dig deeper into such knowledge, skills and social structures and understand the underlying philosphical and epistemlogical truths.