Dear Editor, It's boiled issues everywhere that we often hear of corruption, it's like a disease that spread like other sickness that affect human life but rather for corruption it's much more focus on how do we apply our moral decision on what is good and wrong for the betterment of our being or for the society as a whole.
So often we do look at the highest level that corruption occur especially in the government arena and that 's the mentality of our understanding.
However, we as leader for now we should see that our moral notion of being a person should reflect the moral action in the natural law.
I for one suggest that as a leader of our own society we should try and avoid our own corruption before doing in the higher level, as one saying says that your action mirrored who your are, so to be a person with wise moral decision we are called to practice now not to be a corrupted until it spread like a wild fire in our system.