Thanks Wilton Laufiu for your analysis on the Telecom issue. One thing that you need to understand too is the fact that Telecom is partially owned by Solomon islanders, through NPF shares. A good number of Solomon Islanders do enjoy the benefits through profits derived from its business activities, which is paid to NPF and then goes in the members' accounts in a form of annual interest for its members.

Yes, I agree that there should be competition in the telecommunication sector with Digital soon to open its doors in the Solomons, to allow for that much needed competition. But how much will that benefit ordinary Solomon Islanders apart from a cheaper service perhaps, creating employment opportunities and bringing in tax revenue for SIG? With Telekom, as a partially owned Solomon Islands owned company, at least it has retained a good portion of its profit in the country from what can be regarded as a bigger monopoly from the giant - Cable Wireless.