I just can't believe how some certain leaders and people in authority are using their office for their own gain. I'm tired of reading in the papers that people who should be serving our nation are serving themselves. Do these narrow minded people ever know that their roles play great significance for the progress of our nation? Our nation has plunged into the status it is now in because people seem to forget about the idea of serving and working for the betterment of our state and nation. Solomon Islands is now thirty years old and from what I've seen, heard and experienced, it is still immature and stagnant in its progress to make a difference. What should we do here? How can we make certain that difference is impacted on a system that for so long has been corrupted or are we simply the type of people who will just stand by and watch our nation corrupted or are we the type of breed who will fight to make a difference to and ensure that Solomon Islands is a better place to be?
It is very crucial that we take into consideration those questions and built upon a right mentality and attitude that will enable us to be different. Nation thinkers and doers is what we need here. people who operate on right values and principles. People who seek to make a difference by being visionary about their goals and objectives. People who are attached to God's values and principles and seek God more for answers rather than finding answers in men. People who are realistic and are vigorous about standing for what is right, true and will benefit everyone. People who will make a real difference. Difference that can bring prosperity, difference that sow cooperation and make people realize that carelessness and corruption have no place within our society, difference that will ensure that our future is secure and difference that will build a system to shape people with the right attitudes to push further the progress of our nation and difference that will sow nation thinkers,people who think about others,people see themselves as part of a nation and are for a nation. it is now time that we do away with our ignorance and worked together to dissuade the negativities suppressing our nation and shift it to a platform of Difference. It is the buzz word now as our future is now and it is time to make a real difference.