Dear editor i would like to respond to comments made by Godfrey Siuai stating that Solomon Telekom have connected the rural communities to the outside world. I think Mr Godfrey look only at one side of the story and that is Telekom's achievements. I for one must say that Our Telekom's failures underweigh its achievements. Our Telekom could have done much more to improve the communication services in our communities. However for the past two decades, nothing much have happen in our communication industry in terms of expanding communication services to rural communities. However communication services provided by Our Telekom only continues to be characterised by its expensiveness and unreliability. How many communities in Choiseul, Temotu or Malaita did you know to have access to communication and have connected to the outside world as have claimed? I think only the sub-centres and few communities with Pf net stations have access to communication but the rest of rural communities never had taste of efficient and reliable communication services under the reign of Our Telekom. Please open your eyes and see the reality and effects of monopolising communication by your Telekom in our country. Upon learning that Digicel is ready to enter our shores, Our Telekom are now planning to expand their services to the rural area. I think it's too late for Our Telekom, they should have done this years back. The only thing left for you is getting your strategies right as you are ready to compete with Digicel.