It is encouraging to hear about mobile phone services getting into the rural areas of our country. It will certainly influence Health Services delivery in our rural & remote areas in the country.

How much does a mobile phone & SIM card cost in the country, I wonder?. Other wantoks, may be interested to know that you can buy unlocked mobile phones in Australia for $50.00 to $60.00 each depending on the brand. They are good Nokia & LG qualities. You can even buy Vodafone & Teltra SIM cards for less than $3.00 (without re-charge credit) from Australian Post outlets.

Another system that they use in Australia is the use of small satellite dish (same size as the lid of 44 gallon drum) to use for internet & phone in the remote areas in the country. Each family can afford the system with government subsidy.

Em sampala experiences long OZ.