Am tired of reading about leaders being accused of missusing funds. This is an experience of the past leaders, and is still making headlines in the news today. The rightfull thing that we need now is someone who can make a difference in the future, not another agent of change. Change has been the name of the game leaders are using. If a driver crushed a car because he was drunk, no matter how many times you fix the car, as long as the driver is still drinking he will still crush the car. Don't even think of changing a nation when you cannot change yourself, because the change outside only happens on the basis of the change happening inside. We need someone who is shifted into a new paradigm of thinking. Why do we experience the riots and the burnings?..its all because we have leaders who are back-way in the way they are thinking, we need to be futuristic. We need 21st century leaders, leaders who can think like the way people are thinking now. These leaders are not just voted in, they are raised with a Godly mandate to fulfil, before they are voted in. Difference! is the keyword, it is an alternative way of leadership. That's why leaders who make a difference are unpopular, if you are to make a difference in the future, get ready for critics, cos through all these the quality of a true leader will be eminent in your life..