The Honiara City Health Services needs thumbs-up for for the excellent work of organizing the Food Hygiene Workshop. In the global Pubic Health systems no innovations or any medical equipment has ever reached the effects of global Health Revolution that was the result of Hygiene; clean water, clean foods and clean hands.

The world has developed complicated equipment like MRI, CT, medicines, Cardiac Catheters, etc but they are yet to reach the magnitude of the revolutionary effect of the Principles of Hygiene. We need to encourage more of the Principles of Hygiene in all levels of our communities.

Thumbs-up to Honiara City Health Services.

Oh hia!, at the same time keep an eye on the emerging trends in the pattern of health issues that we start to see. We start to see lifestyle diseases (Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes related illnesses, Renal problems, etc) are entering the stage now. In the long term, they will be very costly to manage, as we see in the developed countries.

So we have more students going to Cuba to do medicine. That is very good. But high number of doctors is not enough. We need to consider also the psychosocial issues that influences the retention of medical professionals in rural & remote areas. We will not fully address the issue to doctor shortage if we consider the structure (eg, number of manpower.) Structure is just one of the many facets of our Health system.

Otherwise, keep-up the good work.