Our leaders should be stop fooling by money. Loaning from a local business man (Bobo Dettke) means that they will pledge support to the newly emerge party (SNAP) and will possibly serve somebody's interest. Are the salary received being a parliamentarian and the CDF not enough? Our country is being surfer from such attitude, but its sad that some still over look it. It's sad too that some people in the country are using money to gain power. Even though that money is processed in a legal manner, the lucid behind such a move is clear. We must stop this kind of attitude and find ways to improve our country. The people of Solomon Islands are looking up to the MP's with great respect, but attitudes display doesn't reflect a mature leader at all. So please parliamentarians, its time to heal our nation from all the past wrong doings, rather than making it worse. We are tired and ashamed of hearing people from other countries regarded Solomon Islands as a poor, corrupt, weak economy, and social disorder country. It's time to change, and prove to the world that they are wrong. Long live Solomon Islands.