Dear Editor,
I wish to congratulate the country's new Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua.

The challenge starts today. Undoubtedly, there will be many sideline experts of the likes of Alfred Sasako. But don't worry about them.

They have had their turn, but failed miserably to fix the many on going problems (socio-economy, politics, ethnic division etc) in Solomon Islands.

Yet they have the guts to keep on blaming others and raving about their own past nonsense in the local media. What a shame!

Now this is your turn! Remember this great advice from the good old book, the Bible: "Honest Leaders Exult a Nation".

Disprove to your critics and opportunists like the government Media Consultant, Sasako that anyone from Malaita or Guale can raise above the level of petty politics to play a major role in the healing process and reconciliation of Guales and Malas.

Pessimists will always dwell in the past. Be a futurist and part of the solution. If there is any time that the wisdom of this concept, "The Melanesian Way", can make a real difference in people's lives - then this is the time.

The international community is also watching - so be on your guard!