You are our heroes!!!!

Closing down to our world cup tournament as we are now eliminated at the group stage, we your crazy fans and supporters from here Suva would really to express our words of thanks to this amazing and well disciplined team. This very type of team spirit is what other Solomon Islands soccer teams should have. Thanks coach Wai'ia
for being part of the cognitive development of the boys. Thank you very much boys for a great tournament so far. Be sure that it is not the end of it. It is just the first of the next three or four more World Cups to come. Thanks the management team
and the officials, it was already are great achievement for the boys and the Solomon Islands as a whole. This world cup will be the foundation of futsal in the Solomon Islands where the boys themselves and other kids will build from.

Back here in Suva, your fans are behind your throughout our World Cup. We wake up early just to watch you people play the most beautiful game. You should be proud of yourselves because we are proud of you guys. The big talk everywhere is "KURUKURU" and I tell you that already you are icon players for some kids around the world and the is a fact here in Suva. Kids here cry when you lost. They just can't bear it to even hear "Kurukuru lost" but they are thrilled when you displayed skill even against Brazil (yahow wonderful) then also say in the end that the this is just a start.

The point I want to highlight more on is that only a very well disciplined team can win people's hearts and mind. You are trained professional players. Your conduct was of that of professionalism and that is what is so special about you boys. Disciplined Professionals do not spoil a game when they are losing a game and we are happy you are one disciplined professional team who maintain the game till the final whistle. Even so young you showed confident in your game by displaying skills and beautiful footwork when need. Thus keep up the good deeds.

There is are great future ahead. Oceania countries will be up against you when you go for the next qualifying tournament so don't stop. We all are still proud. Forever we will be for this wonderful year of futsal.

The challenge now is for the Government and SIFF on how it will address the challenges that Futsal faced in our beloved Solomon Island.