Well done Kurukuru. We can hold our heads up high and be proud of our young kurukurus. Their best is yet to come.

We may interpret the results as indicative of differences in Futsal exposures or maturity and so on; however, a few things may be seen as inevitable exercises if a future in Futsal or football may be guaranteed. My opinions.

First, all the other teams had their start many years back and our boys have just got theirs. Such a start does not come easily and our boys are privileged. The only way is up after this and we can always wish them all the best.

Second, while we can always hope they will grow, certainly we cannot be complacent and thus place less emphasis on the need for their coach to get specialised training. And it's an exercise that SIFF must endeavor to play an important role in to ensure its realisation.

Third, SIFF may need to see football now as an exporting industry. Gone are the days when we let our football talents to just expend their energy at Lawson Tama! Maybe the public should expect more from SIFF!

Finally, our Futsal potential may needs some new aggressive and creative recruitment into SIFF's administration to anchor its growth. A case in point is: why is Eddie Omokirio the founder of Futsal is seen as being left out of our Futsal development with no public notice? Where is this man who has invested so much of his time per se when SIFF haven't yet taken on the Futsal idea during its early days?

We must not forget that the glories ahead may depend on those in which our Futsal talents are placed under for their tutorship and mentorship. The above comments may inform some discussions around a start for our kurukurus beyond Brazil 2008.

This SI crew of Kurukurus is a fine one and one which SIFF must invest in their growth if we are to savor Futsal competitiveness in the years ahead.

We can only say to the Kurukurus and their coach: well done and a fine exposure to build on for the years ahead.