I believe the act of Dr Manimu is a minor superficial issue (structure). We must not be distracted my this act (superficial structure) in itself.

Rather, we must dig deep and see the real issue, the Deep Structure that embodies the act of Dr Manimu. The Deep Structure, the real meat of the issue is the values, concerns, meanings, etc that embodies the action of Dr Manimu. That is crucial. Let us deal with that.

Others may argue that Dr Manimu acted illegal because they look through the legal window. But there are more windows that society uses. I realise the action of Dr Manimu when I look through the Moral & ethical windows.

An act may be illegal but it may be still morally correct. I see the values of moral & ethics that Dr Manimu attempts to keep. Thus, the legal arguement is like a vapour in the wind in such a case.

We must listen to the Deep Structures that embodies the minor superficial act Dr Manimu.