Our goverment needs to take this seriously- this is not the first time chinese products are found to be dangerous or unsafe for human use.

My concern is most of the products sold in our shops are imported from mainland china for several reasons but mainly because its cheaper compare to products manufactured in US or Aussie.

However that comes with it the price of risking public health as seen in the contaminated milk case.

What I suggest is - we do not need to wait for incidents to happen overseas before we act-

We need to tighten the inspection laws and regulations and the classes of products to be imported in our country- particularly products from mainland China.

A Review should be taken on all the products imported into the country and cut out unnecessary products - from China, for example if we already have milk or toys from US or Aussie or NZ there is no need to import from China. The Govt needs to put the health of its people first and stop importers from bringing in unnecessary products or worse still dangerous product for local consumption.

I'm sure the public would appreciate the idea to spend their money on expensive & safe product than on cheap but deadly products.